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My Dog has What?

Jasper, our little Yorkie, and I have a ritual that takes place every day after dinner. We play Basketball, only his is on a much smaller scale and it doesn’t require a net.

Jasper has an array of toys and they all have their time and place throughout the day. Of those toys, his Basketball becomes his favorite right after eating dinner. I will lay on the floor and watch the news (usually) and will throw his Basketball, which is rubber, and a little smaller than a tennis ball, across the room into the kitchen. He in turn will run like a mad man into the kitchen, skating across the linolium floor, finally ending his chase by sliding into the back door, catching the bouncing ball on the rebound. Then he will come prancing back with the ball in his mouth ready to chase it down again. He will do this for at least an hour before showing any signs of fatigue.

Basketball is the highlight of his night, and I really don’t mind the time we spend bonding. This past week it has not been that much fun for me though. The ball, which I have to wrestle out of his mouth as part of the game, has suddenly become very slimy. This is not normal for him. Usually his mouth and the ball are pretty dry. I don’t mind wrestling for a dry ball, but I start to draw the line at wet, slimy toys. I also noticed that his face hair has been wet and matted, and also stained where usually it is dry and almost white.

We got alarmed and decided to take him to the vet the following day. I ran through the symptoms with the veterinarian and also added that he has been making a snorting sound lately when I put him on his runner. He thermo’d his rear end, and stuck his fingers down his throat (sort of like asking the dog to “Open up and say AH”). I was surprised when he said, “I think he has tonsillitis”. I said “What? Can a dog get that?” He was amused at my response. He said that Jasper was running a fever and all the symptoms make sense. Heck, I didn’t even know dogs had tonsils. He said that Jasper’s were swollen and it was probably hard for him to swallow. That would also explain the snorting sounds too.

He gave him a shot and orders for a week of amoxy drops. Jasper should be back to normal soon. I hope so, not only because I want him to feel better, but also, because I hate playing with those slimy toys.

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