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Not Just Another Rover

Choosing the right “just perfect” name for your beautiful Yorkie can be just as important as choosing the perfect pup, or any other family pet. Naming your pet does not have to happen within the first hour, day, or even week that he comes home. Get to know your Yorkie’s personality. Look into his eyes; listen to the sounds he makes; watch his cute, quirky ways.

We brought our first Yorkie home in July of 1993. Our first thought was to look through a list of baby names. No, that didn’t work. Then we went with biblical names. We zeroed in on Gideon, “Mighty Warrior” (Judges 6). Our little Gideon was a mighty warrior. He thought that he was as big and tall as any German Shepherd, or Dalmatian, but was so meek, mild, and obedient to those around him, even his feline siblings. Lastly, he bravely battled with seizures. They were not very long lasting but they were strong and scary. As noted in another post, he died Christmas Eve of 2005 from complications brought on by seizures.

Our second Yorkie was named Gabriel, as in the Arch Angel of the Bible. Gabriel came to live with us toward the end of February 2006. He gave special kisses, was funny, was sweet and kind, and did have an “angelic” look deep in his eyes. We lost Gabriel on July 12, 2007 when he suddenly bolted from our car, into the woods behind our house, we think. He seemed to disappear into the night’s darkness to never return! Gabriel, an angel – our angel, is now with the angels.

Four to five weeks after Gabriel’s disappearance, my husband was on the hunt again; therefore, I followed, and we brought our third Yorkie home. The task of naming him was upon us, so out came the Bible and we began our list. Since angel named dogs tend to have the tendency to take flight, we shifted our focus to more earth rooted names. How much more earth rooted can you get than with gems and precious stones. Jasper is not only earthy but Heavenly. The book of Revelation states that the building of the walls of the new Jerusalem, and one of it foundation stones is Jasper. We tried it with his last name to see how it sounded – Jasper Currie – it had a nice ring to it, so he has been Jasper ever since.

If your pet is anything like ours, you will find that a first and last name is just not enough. Sometimes he needs that middle name. You know, that name that’s expressed in just the right tone to let you know you’re in trouble. That name that Mom uses in place of your last name when you’ve really pushed her last button. Jasper has one of those names. We had a hard time thinking up the perfect middle name, but, while watching Fox News one night it came to us. Alan Colmes was arguing with someone and he had me pretty mad. He had pushed my last button, so I thought – Jasper Colmes Currie. I said it again with some stern emotion, a little more bass in tone, and a touch of dismayed shock added in for good measure, “JASPER COLMES!” It was perfect. And he knows what it means, and when I add “Do you want a spanken?”, he stops what he’s doing and snaps to attention.

So, give a little thought to the name of your next pet. And add the forethought into that perfect middle name too. Say it a few times out loud. Try saying it with the emotion of different situations. You may find that “Rover” simply doesn’t cover all the facets of your new dog (maybe Rover Wayne! – Hmmm?).

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