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Just the Right Size?

A few years ago I got an email that was about a little boy who was finally going to get a puppy. He and his mom went to the local animal shelter so that he could find a puppy, a fuzzy little friend. He went from pen to pen, cage to cage as he snuggled and held the many puppies.

His mother was patient and every so often would ask, “Oh, do you like that one?” Each time the mother would interpret the little boy’s answer as being, “No, this is not the right size”. She continued being patient. He continued searching and holding, but the reply was always “This is not the right size.”

Finally, the little boy picked up a puppy, held it, and cuddled it for a long time. The puppy took in a deep breath, let it out, closed its eyes, and fell asleep. That deep breath let the little boy know that this puppy was the right puppy, and he said to his mother, “See mommy; he has just the right sighs.” It was then that his mother realized that he was searching for sighs, not size.

I truly identified with that story because my little warrior, Gideon, and my angel, Gabriel, both gave just the right sighs. When I laid down on the sofa, each of them, in his own special way, would curl up beside me, wait for me to sigh, and in return, would sigh himself. I could almost put money on these sighs each time I would get comfy, and I could tell by them that they were content and relaxed.

For some reason, Jasper does not do that with me. Oh well, he is still “just the right size.” He gives his sighs to my husband.

Hold your Yorkie; listen to your Yorkie. I’m sure you’ll find he has just the right sighs, too!


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