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The Little Sucker Bit Me

Jasper loves those little rawhide chew sticks. He likes to get them real soggy. Then after he’s got it almost like a wet noodle, and he’s really into it, sometimes I’ll hear him gagging on it. I’ll look and find he’s swallowed about half of it and then he’ll have to gag it back up. It makes me nervous when he gets it like that.

Well, the other morning I got out of the shower and he was at work on one. Usually, after I get dressed and it’s time for me to leave, I’ll grab a dog treat and tell him it’s time to go see George. That means it’s time to go get in his crate. It got called that because he used to sleep in there with his stuffed monkey George. Anyway, he knows what that means, so off he runs and jumps in his crate. I knew he took that chew stick in there and I was afraid to leave it in there with him, so I started to reach in there to get it and he started growling at me. My wife told me that he did this to her the other day and now he was doing it to me.

Well, that just wont do. I reached in there thinking I could over power that attitude but discovered real quick that he was a little more Alpha than me. I said “Jasper, drop it!”, the next thing I knew, he swallowed that chew stick. That made me kind of mad. With him still growling at me I reached back in there – a little more determined this time, and then it happened – the little sucker bit me. I pulled him out of there and then put him on his back with my hand on his chest, and I dominated him until he calmed down.

We had a little talk after that. He was nervous and had wet himself a little, I was upset (and was bleeding a little), so I took him out to go to the bathroom and then I put him back in his crate. It looks like we’re going to go back to some of the mannerism basics and the first thing we’re going to relearn is “Drop it”.

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