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Two New Toys

We just got Jasper two new toys from the store last night. Jasper loves toys. Most of them are stuffed animals of some sort and we have experimented with a great variety of them. We have three main criteria for toys. Jasper is an Alpha Male. He is King of the Cat Harem – and the cats respect that (until they get mad). So the first criteria is that the stuffed toy has to be medium to small in size. If it is too big, he will try to do embarrassing things to it. He is neutered, but I think it is more of a domination thing than a mating thing. I have also seen females do this as a matter of fact. It drives my wife wild and she will get on to him when he does it. So, first is size.

Second, it has to have embroidered, or sewn in cloth eyes. He has a thing with those plastic eyes and he will work on one until he gotten them out. I can’t tell you how many toys I have had to do eye surgery on. He’ll go along for weeks without touching them there and then one day, out of the blue, the eyes become the main thing. Then I’ll have to remove the rest of the eye (and the other one – if it’s left) and then sew up the holes, or sew on cloth ones.

The third criteria is that they have to be well made. Some of these stuffed animals are made quite well. One of his favorite beanie babies, Canyon, had a long cloth tail that held up remarkably well. He would sit there for literally an hour, or more sometimes, just running Canyon’s tail through his mouth, and chewing on it. That tail lasted about 6 months before it finally fell off. The quality of other toys is just not that good. He has shredded some toys in just a few hours.

Hoppie and MunchkinWell, he loves toys that make sounds and that’s what we found last night. We actually got them from the Baby section at Walmart. On of them is a stuffed bunny rabbit. It has a box in it that, when pressed, makes the sound of a little child giggling. The other one is a little stuffed Duck. It too has a box in it, but when pressed it make eight quacks, three time in a row. It took him a little while to figure out where to mash on them, but now, that’s all you here – quacking and giggling. They will definitely have to be put up at night.

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