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Do you want a Spankin?

Our dog Jasper is a handful. He is my pride and joy. My wife thinks I let him get away with murder. She’s probably right – but boy does he love me for it. My wife is a retired English Teacher, and I still work. So, she is with him all day, and she has taken on the roll of educating the dog. It is amazing what she has taught him to do. For example, he has a array of about 15 toys (mostly stuffed animals – beanie babies), and she has named them all. Well, he knows all their names and all you have to do is say “Go get . . . (whoever)”, and he’s on it. Well, besides teaching him all about his toys, she has taken on the role of discipline and manners.

I was at home the other day and I heard one I hadn’t heard yet – “Jasper, do you want a spankin?”. I looked out from the bedroom to see Jasper running sideways down the hall with his pillow (that’s supposed to be in his crate). It was funny because he was headed back towards his crate. My wife was talking to him saying things like, “you know you’re not supposed to have that out” and “you put that back right now young man” – and the funny thing was, he was doing it. The pillow is twice his size so it’s a bit of a struggle for him, but there he was running back into his crate. The funniest scene was watching him disappear into the crate and then watching the pillow disappear in there after him – after a few grunting tugs.

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